enough is enough.

seriously. i am so fed up with the state of this region, this country, and this world.

Rwanda the 1994 genocides: 800,000 murdered

Uganda in The past 20 years: 150,000 murdered and counting...

Sudan the Darfur Massacres & genocide (last count in 2006): at least 500,000 murdered and counting...

Europe (the Holocaust): 11 million people murdered

Why do we stand for these things?!? We have, and continue to sit back and watch theses events unfold. See, it's not that we ignore them, but that we are apathetic towards them. We say, "My God, how horrific!", then we continue with our day, our class, our dinner, we change the channel. We know these atrocities occur, and we continue to ignore them!

I do not not understand how we, as Christians, ...for goodness sakes, as fellow human beings, can see these things and not act immediatly! How do our hearts not burst at the injustice!?! How do we justify these events in our minds, in our hearts, in our souls?!?

What is Faith without action? If this apathy and ignorance is what "Christianity" has become, then I want no part in it. You may call me a follower of Christ, and I will chase passionatly after him, and I surrender my life to his will, but I will not partake in this apathy any longer. I am done with it. I am done with our ridiculous excuses for ignorance. I am done. I will not stand for this any longer. I will not tolerate my own, or anyone elses excuses for living a life half committed to my creator. I will not be a participant in this stagnant faith.

My faith will be real. My faith will be honest. My faith will be hard. It will not come easily. My faith may cost me comforts, social acceptance, a safe home, and even my life.

But I WILL have a REAL faith.

I will not be ignorant.

I will not be apathetic.

I will not allow you to make following Jesus a fad or a comforting dream.

Following Jesus is not comfortable. It is not easy. It is not about this life. It has a price. The price of your entire life.


enough is enough.

take a stand.

enough is enough.

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