My conversations with God lately...
Bre:"Jesus, wreck my life. Wreck my life completely for you. Tear me down, and build me up."
God: "Are you sure?"
Bre: "Yes, wreck my life. It's yours Lord!"
God: "But are you really sure?..."
Bre: "I think so... "
God: "Alright..."
Bre: "I just want to be where you are Lord."
God: "I love you my daughter, but be sure of what you are asking, I do not take these committments lightly."
Bre: "I am sure, I am scared Lord, I will probably let you down. But Lord, I want to be where you are!"
God: "My heart is among the impoverished, the diseased, the outcasts, and the displaced. Will you go there?"
Bre: "If it is your will Lord send me. This will not be an easy life, will it Lord?"
God: "No, but it is a better life. The best life."

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