mere adjectives

"They wanted, as we say, 
to 'call their souls their own.' 
But that means to live a lie, 
for our souls are not, in fact, our own. 
They wanted some corner in the universe of which they could say to God,
 'This is our business, not yours.' 
But there is no such corner. 
They wanted to be nouns, 
but they were, and eternally must be,
mere adjectives."
-c.s. lewis

"He has
paid us
of loving us,
in the deepest, 
most tragic,
most inexorable
-c.s. lewis

"God might have arrested this problem by miracle...
but this would have been to decline the problem
which God had set himself when he created the world,
the problem of expressing his goodness
through the 
total drama
of a world containing free agents,
in spite of, and by means of, 
their rebellion against him."
-c.s lewis

(quotes from "The Problem of Pain" by C.S. Lewis)