we are (hopefully) not pessimistic space cadets.

infinity is now.

my brother and i decided this today.

if infinity exists before us and after us and time is irrelevant, then infinity is now.
and now.
and now.
and now.

and we are infinite.
not in our shape. not in who we are. not what we are. but what we are made of. the neutrons and electrons and protons that comprise our body will be traded to the earth and its creatures for our decomposition. and we are infinite.

we are infinite because the events and people that came before us. without them...we are not. we are infinite because of our future. our possibilities. our potential.

we have class together (Christopher and I) and much of the conversation is in regards to how we know that we know. and if the more we "know", we realize that we really know nothing at all, then what is the point in trying to "know" anything?

are we doomed to be pessimistic space cadets?

maybe, but I think there is another option.

maybe the more we "know", and the more we realize we really know nothing at all, then the more we realize how much we can consume. maybe we have the opportunity to "know" (or at least try to have some sort of idea) about so much more then we initially assumed.

maybe the possibilities for knowledge are...infinite.