doesn't mean i'm lost

lately i've been loving the song "Lost" by Coldplay. its a song about losing, but not being lost. and there is something about the way that the notes fall into the riff and the way chris martin sings that speaks about redemption.

and i think that's kind of what its all about. i lose. everyday i lose. but i'm not lost. and thats the greatest irony in all of history; everyday we're losing, but at the end of the day, we're not lost. at the end of the day
we have redemption.
we have grace.
we have mercy.
we have restoration.

and that's the truly beautiful part. not just that we are given redemption, grace, but that then
we are restored.
we are made new.
we are brought into a new and better life.

this week has been a week of redemption. its been increasingly refreshing in a world of dry leaves, like small trees bursting through the rotting decay of the forest floor. and leaves opening up to warm, warm sunshine. i feel like i'm feeling the sunshine for the first time in so, so long. 
but its alright. because i feel like redemption is better. being brought back from wandering, from losing, from making a general mess of life is the best gift of all. 

"just because i'm losing
doesn't mean i'm lost."

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