i am the cowardly lion.

monday and tuesday were overwhelming to say the least. but i must admit, i've stumbled hard these past few days. the amount of tasks i needed to complete this week over took me, but instead of taking things one at a time, i proceeded to freak out, stress out, forget that God has already told me not to worry, and proceed to slip in to a coma like state, hoping all the trouble/stress will disappear.

and when it all piles up, i'm just an ostrich with my head in the sand, hoping the world will disappear before i have to deal with it.
picture: google images

so now. right now. no more. i'm pulling my head up out of the sand because this world is spinning far too fast, far too elegantly, far too beautifully through the universe, and i don't want to miss a second of it worrying about things i cannot control.

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