The Year in Visual Form:

this year has been a good one...

Celebrated New Years Downtown with Abby and Co.
Finally got around to getting my Level 1 Certification with Trev and Travis
Tested K2's 2009-2010 Lineup. Remembered why I love them. Fell in Love with the new (not yet released) Jibpan (which just so happens to have Michael Sieben graphics, one of my favorite artists of all time!)

Got surgery to remove a cyst on my back.

This past summer I got involved with an Art Collective called, "The Ambrose Collective"
Learn more about Ambrose.

As always, spent a good deal of my time at The Burg, working hard and hardly working.

It's been a good winter, and I've been blessed to ride and progress a lot.

We won Pull breaking records and truly becoming the Legendary team we set out to be.

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