simple fanaticism

i think the most fanatical way to live a christian life is not loud or prominent or crazy. but a day-by-day, semi-boring, not too exciting sort of way. 

i don't need to live in an exclusive christian community.
i don't need to go to every bible study. every worship service. every church camp. every chapel. 
and when i drop something on my foot, i say shit. it hurts.

real, fanatical christianity is 
breathing because i can.
feeling the warmth of the sun in the depth of winter.
savoring a grapefruit.
loving my God.
loving my friends.
loving my neighbor.
loving my enemy.

true christianity is being fanatical enough to decide that every day counts. that serving dinner to friends is ministry. that a coffee house can be as holy as a church sanctuary. that your body is a temple and should be treated as such. fanatical enough to know that some days are hard. some days are boring. some days we just get by. some days we just have grace enough for today. 

3 mementos:

ally said...

amen. you said everything ive been thinking this week.

Amelia W. said...

have i mentioned how encouraging you are lately?

Amelia W. said...

tomorrow night could work for me. let me know if its still open for you?