The sum

Last week, Josh Banner, our worship leader at Hope College talked about why liturgy is so essential to the church, and what it does for us as a body.

about the sum being greater than the sum of it's parts. that's what we are when we proclaim our beliefs together. that's what we become when we raise our voices in proclamation. that's what we are a part of. we are a part of something much greater than just ourselves.

because for a moment, when we raise our voices to proclaim, we are not as small as each of us. no. we are greater than all of us.

it is this incredible, miraculous, beautiful knowledge that affirms are minds and steadies our hearts.

yes. yes. yes we are apart of something so beautiful. wonderful. amazing. astounding. refreshing. renewing. unshakeable.

you could count up our cells and everything that makes us up. but you would not get a human being. because somewhere along the way, someone is breathing life. someone is breathing hope. someone is breathing abundance. the sum is so much greater than the sum of our parts.

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