through the looking glass

it's easy to see God in the big things, in the life changing decisions and events. it's easy to see him move when he moves violently. it's easy to hear his voice when he shouts. it's easy to feel his presence when pushes us to our knees.
but when he moves on the breeze. when he whispers in the silence. when he comforts in the stillness. do we see him? do when hear him? do we feel his presence there?
global society runs so fast. when is the last time you sat in silence? when is the last time you observed his radiance? when did you last bask in his presence?

i am guilty. i enjoy being busy. i enjoy being wrapped up in activities, social gatherings, and worldly concerns. they are pleasing, but momentary, impermanent. God, God is permanent, infinate. how can anyway we spend our time, but with him, be worthy?

are we seeking God out in the silence? are we listening for his still, small voice? do we see God in the creation that surrounds us?

in the beauty of a flower?

in the smile of a child?

in the stillness of a mountain?

look for God in the small things. he is whispering grace, mercy, and love into your life. seek the silence and solitude to hear him. he is waiting for you there.

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